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Katheryn Heinz is Co-Founder and Senior Designer for People/Place/Purpose at CenterForm. Katheryn is a synthesizer at heart and thrives on bringing together diverse ideas in a way that is accessible and useful. Her eclectic professional history includes working at the Walt Disney Studios, developing recording artists at Curb Records, working on research teams at the University of Kentucky in public health and curriculum development, and serving urban populations through public advocacy and health care accessibility.

As Senior Designer for People/Place/Purpose, she gets to nerd out on her obsessive need for internal consistency and creative design for maximum beauty, function, and impact. Designing space, structure, and process that supports people in discovering how to live out their lives with alignment, integrity, and vibrancy, she works in the realms of aesthetics, design thinking, coaching, experiential learning, and community building. She loves to dwell in the tensions of life to collaboratively discover better ways of recreating the wheel for tomorrow. She’s constantly thinking up new things to start and discovering unexpected ways to create value.

She has a BA in Cinema/Television Production from the University of Southern California and an MDiv from Asbury Theological Seminary, where she is an adjunct professor.

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