• With a half-day preparation on the front end and a debrief on the back end, The Mission Bootcamp helps connect your short-term mission experience with a long-term discipleship journey. This training is ideal for groups preparing for short-term mission trips or local ministry involvement. Whether your group is from a church, campus ministry, or volunteering at a local non-profit, we can customize a Bootcamp training for you.

  • Churches everywhere talk about outreach. There are service projects on Saturday, mission trips in the summer, fall festivals free for the community, school supplies to low-income children, etc.  What would happen if we reimagined our engagement toward the community through a posture of neighboring instead of outreach? We believe that moving from outreach to neighboring is the change that changes everything.  Discover the principles, postures and practices of neighboring and how your church and community can be transformed in the process. The Neighboring Initiative includes a weekend seminar, a twelve-week exploration process in your own neighborhood, and a creative workshop to help develop and initiate a neighboring vision for your church and community. CenterForm is a licensed training center for The Neighboring Initiative.

  • The Vision Lab is a full-day retreat for staff and leaders to grasp a missional vision for your church or organization and come away with some practical steps forward. We will take you through a visioning process to help your group connect your unique gifts and characteristics with a Kingdom vision for the world around you.